Friday, May 25, 2012

Too High a Price

Too High a Price
The day that car hit the telephone pole,
The cross wrapped around the telephone pole,
One lost little girl, one lost soul.

The car hit the pole with a terrible crash,
The power went out with a crash,
His face hit the wheel, hers the dash.

He drank too much and tried to drive,
She went along for the drive,
If she didn’t she may be alive.

Her mom screaming on mother’s day,
She lost her daughter on that day,
There’s nothing anyone can say.

An entire town left in shock,
The entire town left in shock,
Life is like a ticking clock.

Maddie and Brittany died within a year,
We lost two classmates in that year,
A town and family’s biggest fear.

The funeral brought around sadness,
People overcome by sadness,
And a mother consumed by madness.

A mother’s anger left unheard,
A daughter’s voice left unheard,
She left this world without a word.

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