Friday, May 25, 2012

Anatomy of a Lifetime

Anatomy of a Lifetime
She wears her heart on her sleeve       (A)
And he guards himself carefully.                   (B)
Grade school lovers intertwined         (C)
Not just in body, but also in mind.                (D)
He holds her hand and she smiles,       (E)
Thankful recess lasts awhile.               (F)

They stop talking for awhile                (F)
Makeup smeared on her sleeve,        (A)
As she stops to look when he smiles.      (E)
While his eyes find her face carefully,                      (B)
She notices but doesn’t mind,           (D)
Remembering when they were intertwined.       (C)

Taking pictures intertwined,             (C)
They’ve been together for awhile    (F)
The perfect prom in her mind          (D)
As the cufflinks shine on his sleeve    (A)
And she places the boutonniere carefully    (B)
Dancing and singing with perfect smiles.   (E)

Their wedding is full of smiles        (E)
Bodies moving intertwined           (C)
He reads his vows carefully,           (B)
The plans have been set for awhile       (F)
Nervously playing with his sleeve        (A)
And her vows speak what’s on her mind   (D)

Baby names play on her mind,       (D)
While they think of those smiles    (E)
Baby food caked on his sleeve      (A)
A mother and father, intertwined    (C)
They haven’t slept for a while,   (F)
Focused on the baby monitor carefully       (B)

He says goodbye carefully       (B)
Their life together on his mind  (D)
She has been gone for awhile   (F)
And he can no longer remember her smile   (E)
Lives so closely intertwined      (C)
But now he cries gently into his sleeve.    (A)

Carefully he watches his daughter smile,    (B, E)
Her mind and body newly intertwined,       (D, C)
He’s been alone for awhile, his heart tattooed on his sleeve. (F, A)

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